What’s the role of non-verbal communication?

The role of non-verbal communication is to send important real-time information about the ongoing interaction.
The fact of being both real-time and continuos are the crucial traits of non verbal communication. Infact this kind of communication channel can provide everybody involved in the communication process important information that can help taking determining decision. Sometimes it’s non verbal communication that really matters, especially when the expression of emotions is involved.
For example, if someone’s body language says “I’m scared”, the other person will mostly rely on this in order to carry out the interaction. The value of words sometimes dramatically decreases due to non verbal information being displayed on people’s faces.

The true and original role of non-verbal communication is connected to evolutionary patterns:
non verbal communication is meant to express primordial emotions and to display attitudes toward other human beings, like aggressivenesssolidarity, fear, love
and in general all those emotions that will predict human behaviour.
Usually this emotions are the crucial ones for surviving, and even when they are not anymore displayed for surviving’s sake, they are somewhat coming from our nature.

Nowadays it’s really important to read body language and understand non verbal communication because it can helps understanding others and relating to them in a proper way. Sometimes by solely realting on non verbal communication we can say what people are going to do, and moderate one’s own behaviour.

Question asked from Cape Town, South Africa

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