What is the importance of e-communication?

The all-embracing answer to this question is one:
<<E-communication let people collaborate from all over the world>>
This answer might in turn be supported by 5 more specific reasons:

1)  It’s cheap
E-communication allows companies to have employees collaborate on projects economically, even when they are located in different parts of the world.
Allocating labor force in different parts of the world permits to carry out productive processes in economies like India or China, thus reducing expenses.

2) It’s instant
Intranet are internet-like informative systems,
but they are accessible only from the inside of a company.
Some advanced intranets let companies be 100% transparent by sharing automatically all information about orders and stocks in real time with retailers and sellers.
This enables companies like Toyota to produce “just-in-time”,
that means they produce a car only when they’ve got its buyer.

3) It’s continuous
Information flow is ongoing. Electronic communication creates the possibility to keep in touch almost everytime and everywhere. Companies use it to organize webinars, training, meetings, brainstorming. Compared to other channels used for communication, e-communication is much more continuous.

4) It’s interactive
It enables interactivity on a larger scale.
Especially when a single person communicates alone with a vast audience.
This kind of communication process could not be managed face-to-face,
so we can think of a higher possible level of interactivity when using media.

5) It speeds up everything else
Money transfer are quicker..
Information spreads at the speed of light.
People need to be fast and responsive to many more inputs on the job
(telephone, mail, fax).
This requires them to adapt to a faster work rate,
electronic communication seems to speed up everything else.

If you want to know more about the importance of e-communication,
click here to read a good essay about this issue.

Question asked from East London, South Africa

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