Importance Of Communication

The importance of Workplace Communication

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-What is the importance of communicating?
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Communicate effectively is what push us in learning more about communication. We all know there are many types of communication. Each of them has to do with the specific environment in which communication takes place, and/or with the way it happens. For example, the importance of communication in business arises from the need of communicating effectively inside the organization in order to reach goals.
The same could be told about the importance of communication in the workplace; overcoming communication problems is crucial in those environments due to the need of fullfilling corporation duties. Something very similar happen about the importance of communication in nursing, based on the necessity of setting a good connection with the patient. A nurse knows that his/her listening skills play an important role in the healing process. Each of us need to train his interpersonal skills because of the wide range of environments they suit.

The importance of communication skills
Getting to have good communication skills help us in various activities: speaking and listening skills are both useful in one-on-one communication and telephonic communication. Writing skills are also very important. Written communication is as much important as verbal communication. Management skills comprehend the ability to communicate effectively face-to-face, using the telephone, sending mails, letters, owning good language skills, making good use of communication strategies. Organizing human resources and working with different people also takes good learning skills, indeed there ‘s always something more to learn on-the-go. A manager should have good interpersonal skills in the order to be successful. When facing a problem, he must first of all get across all the communication barriers and misunderstandings he find within his employees.

The importance of non verbal communication

importance of business communication When you face another person communication is affected by many factors: tone of voice, gestures, body language, emotions. Actually those factors affect the communication process much more than what we could think. When we speak, according to the communication theory, we are the “sender”. We are sending a message to the “receiver” who has to figure out the meaning of our message on his own. In order to do this, he will strongly rely on other signals we send him, like the emotion that our facial expression conveys. That’s why those factors are deeply related to our ability to communicate accurately.

Communication in the workplace
Communication between employees happens all the time within an organization. The importance of feelings and words of the personnel has been proven to affect their pruductivity. Sometimes, cutting the costs of communication accelerates the streamline process of data, thus increasing the feasible workload of each worker. Technology today lays the problem of choosing the right means for communicating. Using mails all the time inside an organization could speed things up but could also produce a loss of information. Telephone or voice transmitters are can be good for rapid exchange of informations, but are not so good to discuss important issues. Meetings are more likely to convey team spirit and to double-team. In general a fullfilling communication plan is a good mix of each of those means. Visit the blog section to find hints and tips about effective communication. Or visit the ever-growing question database that grows thanks to your questions! If you want to leave a specific question, you can leave a comment in the section, it will be answered in no time!